When we talk about taurine, we immediately think of RedBull and the urban legend that it’s a highly-dangerous product that originates from bull testicles. We hear much less often about the fact that taurine is an amino acid present in humans that is extremely important in several bodily functions. When is it a good supplement during physical activity? Here’s a brief overview of the studies that have been conducted on this subject.


A study published in 2017[1], a double-blind study of male triathletes in their early 30s, found that taurine supplementation reduced markers of oxidative stress, suggesting that taurine may prevent oxidative stress during long-duration physical activity. This stress can create significant cell damage in muscles and joints, which leads to reduced muscle strength and a faster onset of fatigue. It goes without saying that these qualities of antioxidants can play an important role in endurance sports.

A meta-analysis from 2018[2], grouping 10 peer-reviewed studies, demonstrated that taurine ingestion improved overall endurance during physical exertion. A sub-analysis also established that perceived exertion was lower when there was taurine supplementation. Another interesting point of this study is that there doesn’t seem to be a difference in performance between sporadic and continuous supplementation, suggesting that taurine ingestion is only beneficial during exercise.

Lastly, a 2019 study[3] has shown that taurine supplementation improves physical performance, but also the body's ability to thermoregulate. This can have a major impact on races performed in the heat. The subjects’ body temperatures were reduced by 0.5 degrees at the end of the effort following the taurine supplementation compared to the effort without supplementation, which is considerable. With a short summer period, we often have to train or compete in the sometimes-extreme heat, so this quality of thermoregulation is very important for endurance athletes.

In making the Upika Endurance formula, we wanted to maximize all aspects of your performance, and that's why we added 1g of taurine per serving. All your efforts deserve attention to detail, and these are the details that make our product stand out and provide a huge difference when combined together.


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