Why Upika?

To prepare yourself well


Before embarking on an effort, make sure your glycogen stores are fully charged and that you are properly hydrated to optimize your performance.

For ideal preparation, we advise you to consume Upika Endurance continuously 20 minutes before the start of the activity and throughout the effort.

To perform well


During exercise, the body favors the continuous combustion of carbohydrates as its main source of energy.

To maintain optimal energy levels and stay properly hydrated, we recommend consuming one serving of Upika Endurance mixed with 500 to 650 ml of water per hour of activity .

To recover well


Post-workout recovery is essential in achieving your goals, because regularity in training is a key to performance. This process begins immediately after exercise.

Upika Recup facilitates the start of muscle repair processes, reduces inflammation and guarantees complete rehydration for optimal recovery.

Answers to your questions

How can I use the ENDURANCE formula optimally?
Endurance Formula:
  • Consume BEFORE and DURING exercise.
  • Mix in 500 to 650ml of water and stir well.
  • 1 serving per hour of activity.
How can I use the RECUP formula optimally?
Recovery Formula:
  • Consume immediately AFTER exercise.
  • Mix in 500 to 650ml of water and stir well.
  • 1 serving per physical activity.
Are your products suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Yes !

Are your products gluten-free?

The products are gluten-free, but we do not have certification.

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