Cyclic dextrin is a relatively new carbohydrate source produced from corn starch through an enzymatic process. This process drastically changes the structure of the starch, providing many benefits for endurance athletes.

First of all, cyclic dextrin has a speedy gastric emptying time.[1][2] This means the carbs stay in the stomach for less time, creating much less digestive discomfort. This aspect is essential during long races, during which carbohydrate ingestion in large quantities is crucial. Athletes striving to maximize their performance try to get between 80 and 100g of carbohydrates per hour of effort. This constitutes a considerable quantity that leads to significant digestive discomfort. It can too often harm your ability to achieve your objectives. When it is no longer possible to ingest carbohydrates due to heartburn, problems related to having low energy begin and are very difficult to overcome.

Also, cyclic dextrin, compared to other sources of carbohydrates such as maltodextrin, reduces your perception of fatigue as well as delays it, on training exceeding 30 minutes.[3][4] It goes without saying that this kind of attribute is very appealing for endurance athletes. The level of energy over long events is one of the determining factors of performance, and reducing the perception of fatigue over time contributes to a better ability to generate long, constant efforts.

Taken together, these two aspects of cyclic dextrin contribute to allowing continuous ingestion of a source of carbohydrates for long periods and, by the same token, maintaining a constant level of energy throughout the effort, by delaying the onset of fatigue.

By using 16g of cyclic dextrin as part of the 25g of carbohydrates in the UPIKA Endurance and UPIKA Endurance+ formulas, we provide athletes with a premium source of carbohydrates. This provides the necessary energy in the form of liquid nutrition, greatly reducing the chances of digestive problems while ensuring that you stay hydrated thanks to the sodium and electrolytes present in the formula.

UPIKA is the perfect product to pour into your water bottles!

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